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National Campaign "Surprenante Méditerranée"

A national tourist campaign of summer before the season to sublimate the Mediterranean side of the department of Aude. 
How to position this destination in its Mediterranean dimension by combining all its components (heritage, art de vivre, outdoor activities, ...)? 

Three visuals were created for the occasion. They showcase the coastline and the vineyard, the coastline and history, the coastline and the art of living. 
To reveal by amazing visuals the Mediterranean side of the Aude in its many facets. 
A "collection" of 3 visuals: 

- Coastline & History : an exact representation in sand of the inescapable city of Carcassonne on a beach audoise. 
- Coastline & vineyard : a kite-surfing champion who flies over the vines. 
- Littoral & Art of living : a table of restaurant the feet in the sea of ​​Gruissan with the famous chalets on piles as decoration. 

• National subway display campaign Paris, Lyon, Toulouse 
• Display campaign in the city center of Toulouse + airport