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Products communication

Create the event at the official launch of a new window, strategic product for the brand. Constraint: this innovative window had already been presented at the last BATIMAT show. The subject had therefore been deflowered. 

Everything is based on the concept of maternity, to announce the birth of this new product, but also to inscribe it in the universe of hospital buildings for which it is particularly intended. To attract a lot of interest from the architects and business partners of WICONA, we asked them to be the parents of this new window. What is a reality, since they are involved in the design of WICONA products. Prior to this external communication, we approached the employees WICONA by asserting, in the same way, their responsibility in this birth. 

• Teasers for employees, prescribers and customers sent in several waves 
• Dedicated website 
• Interactive movie with real-time customization 
• Birth Kit for sales assistance 
• Display 
• Professional Press Announcements